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Diseño, Adaptación Local, servicios de configuración y puesta en marcha de las nuevas señales correspondientes al cumplimiento del Código de Conexión del Sistema Eléctrico Actual.

Client: Los Orígenes Power Plant



As part of the regulations of the electricity sector to the generating companies connected to the National Electrical System Interconnected ( SENI ), they must comply with the sending of the signals required by the Connection Code and comply with requirements in the protection systems of the plant.

To achieve this goal our engineers installed and configured line protection relays and transformer ( ABB brand ), supplied by Los Origenes Power Plant.
We supply, install and configure the San Pedro 138kV line differential relay – Los Origenes.

We design, adapt locally, integrate and implement the commissioning process of the signals required by the Transmission Substation code.

In SSS Group, we are also responsible for the integration of signals required by the Generation-side Connection Code through the signal concentrator and the fiber-optic installation for communication between the substation and The generation control room.

In addition, Origins Power Plant relied on us to supply and test OPGW fiber optic for San Pedro 138kV transmission line – Origins, Supply, installation and configuration Of SCADA Local for monitoring of electrical substation and the supply, installation and configuration of radio links for communication with the Energy Control Center (CCE).

[Su_note note_color = “# e2e2e2”] Execution: 2012-2016
Location: San Pedro, Dominican Republic [/su_note]

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