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El proyecto consiste en la adquisición de los diseños, suministro y puesta en servicio de los componentes para la Integración de la Red Administrativa del C-4, con las direcciones operativas del CESAC.

Client: CESAC



The project consisted in the complete redesign of the administrative network (wired and wireless) of the Central Command and Control Center (C4), including robust security with fault tolerance, in order to obtain greater efficiency and a better performance of the tasks Carried out at the technological level in the different operative directions of the Specialized  Airport Security and Civil Aviation Security (CESAC)

The components to be supplied and configured are:

Integración de la red administrativa del C4, con las direcciones operativas del CESAC

  • Structured Cabling for 150 Network Points
    2 Application Servers
    1 iSCSI SAN Storage System
    4 Access Switches
    1 Core Switch
    1 UTM Firewall
    2 microwave radio link system
    3 Power Supply Units of 2.2 KVA
    Licensing and application software
    Wireless network integrated to the Administrative Building, made up of 10 access points.



These components ordered in an efficient design and based on the last standards of the computer industry and best practices of operation, guarantee an optimum integration of the needs of the CESAC.

For this project our engineers had the support of the following manufacturers:

Execution: 2016
Location: Santo Domingo

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