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In the last decade telecommunications have undergone extraordinary changes and thanks to it the world is more connected than ever. The Internet of Things, the rise of wireless networks, communication over IP and completely intelligent cities, have created a new way of life.

In a global business environment such as today, effective, secure, fast, reliable and highly available communications systems are no longer a luxury and become a necessity for any company, no matter the size or sector in which Unfold.

Providing scalable and secure telecommunications solutions, having extensive experience in project development and the support of our manufacturers, makes us the strategic ally of your business in meeting these connectivity needs. In addition, helping in the significant reduction of its operating costs, guaranteeing the continuity of its operations and allowing growth on demand.

We invite you to learn about our diversity of voice and data solutions. We can be your ally in the task of creating the internal communication of your building, joining venues or teams nationally and internationally. Significantly reducing your operating costs, with a guaranteed telecom investment.




Why are we your best option to solve your company’s telecommunications needs?

The experience that gives us a decade of successful work for important companies and a large portfolio of large jobs, is a show of our know-how in the world of telecommunications.

Quality backUP
We have the support of the most prestigious manufacturers of materials and telecommunication equipment, which added to the experience of our professionals are the guarantee of quality that you expect.

Have open communication networks that allow you to expand your capacity according to the needs of your company and with the benefit of connecting devices from different manufacturers.


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