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Did you know that the future of perimeter security lies in fiber optics? If I did not know, I invite you to know the potential of the Distributed Acoustic System, the technology based on fiber optics that is revolutionizing perimeter security.

For many years we have seen the evolution of fiber optics and the importance it has gained in the world of telecommunications, from being the future, to being a palpable reality of the whole industry. Its application and reach is increasingly remarkable, and it is thanks to the advancement of this technology that today we can solve the main security needs that affect companies, not just telecommunications.

The Distributed Acoustic System is especially relevant to theft of cables and equipment in remote locations, one of the main security problems facing companies in the electricity sector and providers of telecommunications services, an evil that for these companies represents millions of dollars in annual losses .

Distributed Acoustic System

The Distributed Acoustic System (DAS) offers the possibility of perimeter monitoring of over 1,000 miles using a single wire of any single-mode optical fiber (OPGW, ADSS, Submarine, etc.), through a signal Converts the optical fiber into thousands of “virtual microphones”, allowing to collect information on all activity close to networks and / or installations.

With a range of up to 30 meters, this technology is composed of complex algorithms that offer you the ability to be alert to any type of activity in your perimeter area, a powerful tool against possible robberies, damage to your property, infrastructure failures Or improper access, among other situations.

How does the DAS system work?


The variation of the size of the transmitted pulse converts the line into virtual microphones that can be spread in intervals of 5 to 15 meters of distance along the length of the optical fiber.



A GIS mapping module is added to the user interface, which shows the georeferenced digital maps of the route to be monitored, thus accurately presenting all the generated alerts by Third Party Intrusion (TPI) events.

Distributed Acoustic System SSS Group

Our system has a flexible and scalable architecture that gives you the ability to integrate with multiple control and monitoring systems through the following integration paths and / or interfaces such as:

  1. Proprietary HTTP (XML) interface
  2. OPC / IEC61850 / Generic Object Oriented Substaged Events
  4. MODBUS / DNP3
  6. Dry Contact
  7. Web Services
  8. Email
  9. SMS&


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