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¿Qué hacemos? Energía, Automatización y control, Telecomunicaciones e Hidrometeorología .

  • Energy

    Undoubtedly, electric power is the basis of the modern lifestyle and the fundamental resource that has allowed the evolution of the industry worldwide. Today, it is imperative to use technologies that maximize the efficiency of energy consumption and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

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  • Automation and control

    If you are looking to increase the return on your investment, raise your quality standards, achieve greater differentiation or increase the efficiency of your processes, the answer lies in the implementation of automation and control systems. Do not wait any longer, know our solutions.

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  • Telecommunications

    Surely you have felt the need for your company to access information remotely, reliably, cost-effectively and on a platform that allows you to expand your capacity as your business grows. We invite you to learn about our diversity of telecommunications solutions.

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  • Hydrometeorology

    The ability to forecast climate variability in the Caribbean region can be the difference between making the right decision in the face of a natural disaster or not. Our Hydrometeorology solutions offer you the possibility of collecting the data that will allow you to anticipate the events.

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Proyectos destacados Algunos de nuestros proyectos más importantes

Certificación ISO-9001:2008 Garantía de calidad.

Para nosotros en SSS Group, es muy importante poder presentarle una sólida propuesta de valor, que aporte confianza y garantice su tranquilidad. Por eso hemos puesto todo nuestro empeño en certificar nuestros sistemas de gestión, acorde a los más altos estándares de la industria.

Partners Suppliers and Manufacturers

For us the most important thing is to offer a competitive and high quality service. To achieve this we are in constant interaction with suppliers, manufacturers and leading contractors in their different markets.

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